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  With 250 fully tested recipes for scents and cosmetics, an illustrated lexicon of more than 200 wild plants with detailed botanical descriptions and instructions for their culture, and a fascinating historical survey of the development of the cosmetic art from ancient Babylon, Egypt and the classical world to modern times, this book is a complete and practical guide to natural beauty.  


Natural Beauty

The Practical Guide to Wildflower Cosmetics

by Roy Genders






7 5/8 x 10 3/8 in.

19,5 x 26,5 cm

208 pages

Over 200 full-colour




The cosmos of cosmetics

A practical guide to the plants and their use

Cosmetics plants: A lexicon

Paradise lost: In quest of beauty

Adornment in the ancient world

Natur's beauty parlour

For every aspect of body care

Cosmetics and perfumes of the east

The home cosmetician

Preparing natural cosmetics

The art of perfumery



Roy Genders, the author of innumerable bocks on herbs, flowers, fruit, gardening, studied botany and forestry at St John's College, Cambridge. Several of his bocks have become established as classics.

Mr Genders, himself a producer of cosmetics and perfumes from wild plants, travelled extensively in Europe and Asia discovering much about the plants and their uses in the preparations of talcum powders, perfumes, toilet waters, face creams and hair oils. He gives away many secrets that have been hitherto closely guarded and which are now brought together in this book.