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  Occidental culture is inconceivable without the Bible. It has left its mark on history and displays its power even today.

Opening the Bible and starting to read it is like entering a library of almost 70 books. The texts it contains range from the mythical to the historical, from the epic to the lyrical, from the tender to the violent, conforming to the creed and liturgical, the disbelieving and the visionary in harmonious juxtaposition. Not all of this is immediately comprehensible to us in today’s world. The cultural gap is too great.

Internationally acknowledged specialists introduce us to the world and environment of the Bible in detailed contributions. These range from archaeology through to political theology, from the ecumenical to a dialogue about the various religions. Critical viewpoints are also included, such as a look into the history of proselytisation or a one-sided religious inwardness.

The individual topics are illustrated with more than 400 pictures.

The Book of Books

The Bible

History and




9 7/8 x 13 in.

25 x 33 cm

240 pages

over 400 illustrations,

mainly in colour


The Bible: The Word of God

The God of the Bible

The Biblical Archeology

The Hebrew Bible

The Message of Jesus

The Coming Kingdom

The Canon

The Bible and the Fathers of the
Eastern Chruch

The Christian Mission

The Reformation and the Bible

The both Books of God

The Bible in Jewish-Christian Appreciation

Bible and Koran


Picture Commentary


Picture credits



Gisela and Dieter Andresen

Albert Friedlander

Othmar Keel

Adel Th. Khoury

Joachim Köhler

Bernahrd Lang

Metropolit Pitirim

Antonio Pitta

Peter Schmidt

Robert J. Schreiter

Dorothee Sölle

Clemens Thoma

Christoph Wetzel

Wilhelm Ziehr