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  Many couples are mentioned in the Bible, and the topics of love, passion and sexuality are all touched upon. The descriptions in the Bible correspond to reality with all the detours and wrong turns in the relationships between men and women.

Skilled authors look into the immortal stories of couples in the Bible - with a wealth of information and discretion. The volume is complemented with the finest depictions of paintings and graphics.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth.
For your love is better than wine.
Your anointing oils are fragrant,
your name is oil poured out;
therefore the maidens love you.
Song of Solomon, 1,2


Come my darling!

Great Couples
of the Bible





83/4 x 101/2 in.

22,5 x 27 cm

192 pages

over 150 pictures,
mainly in full colour


Sexuality in the Bible

Adam and Eve

Abraham and Sarah

Isaac and Rebecca

Jacob and Lea/Rahel

Juda and Tamar

Boas and Ruth

Batsheba, Michal, Abigail

Ahab and Jezabel

Artaxerxes and Esther

The Song of Songs

Solomon and the Queen of Saba

Tobit and Darah

Sichem and Dina

Simeon and Dalila

Amnon and Tamar

Holofernes and Judith

Joseph and Potifar's Wife

Abraham and Hagar

Mose and Zippor

Joseph and Asenet

Eros and Agape


Herbert Haag

Dorothee Sölle

Helen Schüngel-Straumann

Christoph Wetzel

Katharina Elliger

Marianne Grohmann