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More and more people are discovering the extraordinary world of edible wild plants. Edible Wild Plants is an indispensable guide to a realm of pants that will add greater nutrition and new zip to your menus. This volume offers more than 250 recipes tor every meal and occasion.

Edible Wild Plants features: An extensively cross-referenced lexicon of more than 250 edible wild plants, including nutritional, culinary, habitat, harvesting, historical, and storage information.


Edible Wild Plants

A Guide to
Natural Foods

by Roy Genders









7 5/8 x 10 3/8 in.

19,5 x 26,5 cm

208 pages

Over 400 illustrations,

mainly in colour


The power of plants

Once upon a time: The beginning of plant life on earth

The 251 most important edible wild plants

The great writers bear witness

Plant lexicon

All that manind needs

Substances which are beneficial to health

Habitat - Harvest time - Nutritious matter

Nutrition and primitive peoples

Harvesting and storing wild foods

Use and preparation

Nature also breeds poisons




Roy Genders, the author of innumerable bocks on herbs, flowers, fruit, gardening, studied botany and forestry at St John's College, Cambridge. Several of his bocks have become established as classics.

His works appear on the lists of many publishers all over the world.

The following are among Mr Genders' published books:

The Perfect Vegetable and Herb Garden, 1972; Growing Herbs as Aromatics, 1977; The Wild Flower Garden, 1977; The Complete Book of Herbs, 1977.