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Since the Middle Ages, the "Fioretti” (Little Flowers) have been among the most delightful and best-loved texts in Christian literature. They are a colourful bouquet of flowers comprising more than fifty stories relating to the life of St. Francis and his companions.

These are newly presented in this large-format gift volume, lavishly illustrated in full colour with examples from the history of art.

The introduction and commentaries are the work of renowned Franciscan specialist, Anton Rotzetter, who provides us with insights into the historical references and the spiritual meaning for our times.



Legends surrounding
St. Francis of Assisi

Introduction and commentary by
Anton Rotzetter






7 5/8 x 10 3/8 in.
19,5 x 26,5 cm
176 pages
Over 70 full colour


Anton Rotzetter:

Born in Basle in 1939, Anton Rotzetter is a member of the Capuchin Order and lives in Altdorf, Canton Uri, Switzerland. He is widely known for his numerous publications on the subject of St. Francis of Assisi and spirituality marked by Franciscanism.




I. In the image of Christ

II. The first companion

III. Humility and obedience

IV. The ill-mannered angel

V. Brother Bernard in Bologna

VI. The legacy of St. Francis

VII. Forty days’ fasting

VIII. Perfect joy

IX. Nighttime prayers

X. Grace alone

XI. Orientation

XII. The availability of Brother Masseo

XIII. In praise of poverty

XIV. The brotherly discussion about God

XV. The flames of divine love

XVI. Chosen to save the whole world

XVII. The blessed father and the young child in the Order

XVIII. The Chapter of mats

XIX. The miraculous vineyard

XX. The coarse habit

XXI. Taming the fierce wolf

XXII. The gentle doves

XXIII. The siege of Porziuncola

XXIV. The conversion of the Sultan of Babylon

XXV. Healing the leper

XXVI. The three robbers

XXVII. The conversion of Brothers Pellegrino and Rinieri

XXVIII. The ecstasy of Brother Bernard



XXIX. The temptation of Brother Ruffino

XXX. Brother Ruffino preaches naked

XXXI. The good shepherd

XXXII. The humility of Brother Masseo

XXXIII. The blessing by Sister Clare

XXXIV. The King of France and Brother Giles

XXXV. St. Clare’s miraculous Christmas

XXXVI. Travels from time to eternity

XXXVI. The rich nobleman

XXXVIII. The saving of Brother Elias

XXIX. The renewed miracle of Pentecost

XL. St. Anthony preaches to the fishes

XLI. Brother Simon

XLII. The bright luminaries of the March of Ancona

XLIII. Brother Conrad of Offida’s power of prayer

XLIV. The Franciscan approach to the Passion of Christ

XLV. Waiting for Christ

XLVI. Brotherly love

XLVII. The balm of the Mother of Christ

XLVIII. The tree with the golden root

XLIX. Brother John of Alvernia

L. The Mass on All Souls’ Day

LI. The death of Brother James of Fallerone

LII. Brother John of Alvernia recognises the order of the Holy Trinity

LIII. The ecstasy of Brother John of Alvernia


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