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An exceptional illustrated volume for pilgrims
and hikers

This evocative and lavishly illustrated volume about the Way of St. James from the French border to Santiago de Compostela and the people who travelled it and still do, captures the special spirit of “El Camino” in an insightful and informative text written by a recognised expert.

The author offers a successful presentation of the most important historical and present-day aspects in an informative and inviting style.

The eye-catching wealth of pictures provides further insight and illustrates each topic.


The Way of
St. James

On the route of
yearning to Santiago
de Compostela

by Ulrich Wegner





8 1/2 x 11 in.

21,5 x 28 cm

240 pages

Over 300 full colour illustrations



Renewed interest in pilgrimage

Pilgrimage out of necessity

Pilgrimage “ad limina Beati Iacobi”

Guides and promoters

At the centre of the world

Churches on the way

Every conceivable sound

Miracles, knightly epics, pilgrims’ songs


Crisis of long-distance pilgrimage

Pilgrims’ reports

Along the pilgrimage route

Via Lactea

Culinary delights along the pilgrimage route