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  People have always been interested in the time they have to live, in its fulfillment and end. A whole group of religious texts, called Apocalyptica, dealt with the question of the end of the world. A certain interpretation and recasting of these notions also displays its form in fine arts: the image of the Last Judgement.

Images of the Last Judgement are in accordance with the past, for their form and even their testimony of Christian faith. The doctrine of creation was overcome by theories of evolution. Man himself takes into hand the judgement  and punishment of his own kind.

In spite of this distance from the mentality and milieu within which the images of the Last Judgement arose, it is still appropriate today to call to mind much of their meaning and content


The Last Judgement

by Martin Zlatohlávek

and Christian Rätsch / Claudia Müller-Ebeling













Prechristian representations of the Last Judgement

The original image of the Last Judgement: chosen and condemned

The Last Judgement: representations outside of Christianity

Basic lines of the image of the Last Judgement

The Last Judgement: image compositions of great masters

The image elements of the Last Judgement




9 3/8 x 11 5/8 in.

24 x 29,5 cm

240 pages

Over 200 full colour