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  This comprehensive volume follows the trail of mary in literature, art, music, customs, theology, and popular belief. Bringing together over four hundred glorious full-colour photographs and a wide range of excerpts from world literature, the authors have drawn upon a wealth of sources to provide a multi-faceted view of the figure of Mary in various civilizations across the centuries.

This book presents the richness of the traditions about Mary, yet at the same time offers critical historical, theological, and cultural analysis that allows the reader to take a fresh look at Mary with contemporary questions in mind.



Art, Culture, and Religion
through the Ages



Herbert Haag

Dorothee Sölle

Caroline H. Ebertshäuser

Joe H. Kirchberger





9 7/8 x 13 in.

25 x 33 cm

272 pages

Over 450 full colour


Mary's life

Mary in literature

My Soul seeks the Land of Freedom

Mary in Music

Mary: Dogmas, Cult, Customs

Mary in art




Cities bear her name, nations put themselves under her protection; countless men and women venerate her; millions entrust themselves to her.

From spiritual life to folklore, the figure of mary has been an element deeply embedded in the fabric of civilizations informed by Christianity.

Who was this woman? Who is she for people today? What is it about Mary that sparks the imagination and touches the souls of people around the world?