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In an unparalleled panoramic survey of world mythology, the great myths of the earth's cultures are retold and regrouped according to theme. This comparative approach, with Iavish illustra­tions, brings out startling paralleis, similarities, and confrontations among the diverse mythologies of the world. Complete with analyses of the scope and history of mythological thought, this work is both a general introduction and a thorough reference.



by Sergius Golowin


with contributions by

Mircea Eliade and

Joseph Campbell









9 3/8 x 12 1/2 in.

24 x 32 cm

304 pages

Over 700 illustrations,

mainly in full colour




Myths and Mythologies (Mircea Eliade)

Greek genealogy

The Myths of the World (Joseph Campbell)


Creators of Nature and Mankind

The Unfolding of the Cosmos

Mediators of Magic, Art and Culture

Earthly and Heavenly Animals

Sensual and Transcendental Love

The Age of Heroes

About the Meaning of Worlds

On the Threshold of Eternity



The authors:

Sergius Golowin is a freelance journalist and has written numerous books on social history.

Mircea Eliade
, formerly on the faculty of the Sorbonne in Paris, is professor of the history of religions at the University of Chicago and the author of Yoga, Shamanism, The Myth of the Eternal Return, and Myth and Reality, among other works.

Joseph Campbell
has taught at Sarah Lawrence College and has written several important books onthe interpretation of mythology: The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Flight of the Wild Gander, Myths to Live By, The Mythic Image, and The Masks of God.