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  The birth of Jesus of Nazareth changed the world. For one third of humanity,
it is the starting point of religious faith. This birth marked a turning point in the calculation of time. Right from the start, it was imbued with the mystery of divinity. Theologians and historians deliberate on this birth and its background
as do archaeologists and astronomers. Down the centuries, it has lastingly and widely inspired the genius of artists more than any other event in history. The legends and traditions surrounding popular devoutness are immeasurable.

This richly illustrated volume is about this very special birth, about what has already been ascertained and what is still a mystery, about what is factual and what is symbolic, about the history of faith and culture as well as magnificent depictions from the world of art.



Jesus of Nazareth

Born in Bethlehem






83/4 x 101/2 in.

22,5 x 27 cm

192 pages

over 200 pictures,
mainly in full colour



Light in Darkness

Play with Angels and Shepherds

Roots in the Old Testament

Proves of incarnation

The new Chronology

The star of Messiah

Crib and Cross

Family stories

Triumphantly Christmas

Jesus of Nazareth



Picture credits





Matthias Albani

Willibald Bösen

Herbert Fendrich

Marianne Grohmann

Alois Ickstadt

Adel Theodor Khoury

Kurt Lussi

Hans Maier

Gerhard Ruf

Christoph Wetzel