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This richly illustrated work contains historic and current pictures of the most important events in antiquity and the Greek cult and contest venues where ceremonies comparable to olympia were held. While maintaining a constant reference to the present-day Olympic Games, the main focus would be on ancient history, the strenghts and weaknesses of those involved at the time, the customs and curiosities surrounding Olympia and ancient Athens from its beginnings through to its demise. All of this is described in an easy-to -read style.  


Greek Games,
Competition and Cult from Olympia
to Athens

by Ulrich Wegner







81/2 x11 in.

21,5 x 28 cm

240 pages

150 g paper

richly illustrated


with jacket


Old and new Olympia – The eternal fight for an ideal

Annual celebrations – Games and contests to honour the Gods

The pan-Hellenic cult venues

Nectar for the Gods

Olympia: Rise and fall

Every fifth year – The major Olympic festival

Human sweat, technique, horsepower

Training sites and contest arenas

Learning for life, first eroticism and sponsors

Olympia's fight for survival



Apart from graduating from a humanistic high school, followed by studies in history and history of art, his qualifications for addressing this Greek topic include a one-year study of New Greek in Athens and regular practical work as a study travel guide in Greece for the past 25 years including guided tours of important sites of antiquity.