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Dorothee Sölle (1929–2003) was the best-known German-speaking theologian. Her major text on love leads us right to the heart of a mystic of love. Human and divine love - erotic tenderness and a spiritual love of God - mutual dedication and a total commitment to justice were inseparable to her.

Dorothee Sölle compiled the essay "Wherever there is love, you will find God" for the book "You are beautiful and seductive – great couples of the Bible".

Numerous illustrations from the history of art indicate in their way how right Dorothee Sölle was when she develops on the inner core of biblical and all mystical wisdom: wherever there is love, you will find God.

On the enclosed audio CD, regional bishop Margot Kässmann reads Dorothee Sölle’s text, with an epilogue by Fulbert Steffensky and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and the Latin American Grupo Sal, as well as a recording of "Dorothee Sölle reads her credo".


Wherever there is Love,
you will find  God

by Dorothee Sölle





53/4 x 71/2 in.

14,5 x 19 cm

48 pages

18 pictures in colour

with CD


"Wherever there is Love, you will find God"

with Epilogue" by Fulbert Steffensky




"Wherever there is Love, you will find God"

read by Lady bishop Margot Kässmann


"Epilogue" read by Fulbert Steffensky


"Credo" read by Dorothee Sölle


Musical motivs: Latin American compositions by Grupo Sal and Cantatasa by J.S. Bach