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The Lexicon of Symbols links three aspects:


A selection of the most popular symbols

Approximately 1,000 symbols (= articles) over 250 pages, most of which with an illustration (b/w), approx. 600 illustrations.

Most of the articles are quotations added as text sources which means the readers no longer have to refer to another book to find out a symbol’s origin.


Colour sections

8 colour sections at 16 pages provide information about which major groups are formed by most of the symbols based on their originating from specific fields of experience


Meaning of the symbols

In the form of an index, terms such as luck, love, sorrow, etc. are listed alphabetically; they refer to the corresponding symbols or articles with this meaning. Generally, several symbols have one specific meaning. For example, love can be symbolized by a heart, a flame, a rose or the colour red.



of Symbols

by Christoph Wetzel





20 x 27 cm

77/8 x 105/8 in.

richly illustrated


From A to Z: A selection of the most popular symbols, alphabetically arranged, with black and white illustrations


Topics, the areas of our perception and imagination from which symbols originate:

Anatomy, astrology, astronomy


Mythical creatures and the animal world

Plant world, fruit

Shapes, colours

Landscapes, metals, minerals

Weapons, tools, instruments

Numerical figures


Meanings, as a glossary with index function, e.g. defence (which symbols serve as defence against harm)





Christoph Wetzel, Göppingen

Art historian

Publisher and co-author of the “Neuen Belser Stilgeschichte”
(New Belser History of Style, 6 volumes, 1985–1989).

His profound interest in the connection between art history and church history is evidenced by numerous contributions to anthologies, as well as with the illustrations for several Bible editions.